Ade Edmondson’s window cleaning shenanigan.

Did you see the story where Ade Edmondson recently found himself locked out of his home and became stuck on his own window ledge? The 64-year-old comedian had decided to give his windows a quick clean. From what I can tell the windows are sash windows. Sash windows open and shut by sliding up and down along grooves within the window frame.

Check the story out here:

Snip from Metro to show the incident of Ade Edmondson

This would have meant sliding the bottom portion of the window up in which he allegedly stepped out onto the ledge in order to give his windows a good old clean!

Unfortunately, something happened where Ade got stuck leaving him red-faced in front of a small crowd of onlookers in a stark reflection of any sketch written for Bottom or The Young Ones.

Ade had to ask a passer-by for assistance while enduring a bunch of one-liners from amused onlookers aimed at his predicament. Eventually, he was saved by the Fire Brigade who arrived to his rescue.

I am guessing one or two firefighters’ Facebook profiles were very busy on that day.

No harm was done apart from perhaps a little pride and the funny side as always follows relief and rescue.

Ade in great spirits went on to say on Twitter that he had since booked a window cleaner. We are guessing this will leave Ade free to write up his ordeal for everyone to enjoy in some distant sketch show of the future.

Glad he was safe. Very funny guy.

Ade – give High Shine a call next time for window cleaning in London: 🙂

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