Window cleaning in Coventry

This week marked the end of a very hard slog that lasted several weeks of what I can only describe as the dirtiest ‘builders clean’ in history or at least in my 21 years of window cleaning.

The contract awarded by CODEĀ  was never intended to run over the number of days that it did. Sometimes a ‘builders clean’ goes that way.

Even the words ‘builders clean’ generally strikes the fear of God into most window cleaners with most of them running for the hills. The term usually carries an element of the unknown when it comes to impact debris. Having an unknown like that spread across multiple floors can be a huge challenge for many window cleaning firms.

Under difficult conditions, hampered by the wettest October on record and surrounded by what looked like some sort of half building site, our rope access team managed to impress the building managers charged with the job of checking our work.

Coping with the unexpected and delivering on the high-quality demanded, the team pushed through with utmost professionalism and got the job done!

This was a 40 million pound development built by Galliford Try towering some 250 feet high into the Coventry skyline making it the tallest habitable building in Coventry. The building consists of 1000 high-quality one-bed student flats with penthouse studio luxury on the 22nd floor.

The rooms boast an impressive panoramic stretch of the city, with fabulous views of the famous Coventry Catherdal left decimated by the German Blitz of World War 2 on November 14th, 1940.

Only the spire of the Cathedral is higher by 45 feet.


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